Friday, December 18, 2009


Oh how you like to eat the snow.. you would eat it by the cup full if id let you..Well you have definitely mastered your crawling you like a pro!! and now you have moved onto pulling yourself up on EVERYTHING.. i can never catch a break with you.. you get into everything your not supposed to i think that soon you will be walking.. your very determined to do it if only you had your balance down i think you would be able to do it.. soon though...You were playing in your jumperoo the other day and you had mommy laugh so hard i thought you were going to jump your way out of it!
Michael James Bellofatto i love you with everything i have time do get really tough and sometimes i want to give up because i dont think im good enough you mean the world to me.. i couldnt of asked for a better little boy to be a mommy too.. im trying my hardest to raise you right and im going to make mistakes..i love watching you grow!!
Christmas time is ALOMST here i cant for you to see what Santa got you!!!

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