Sunday, December 6, 2009


Well i have to say this will be a nice way to escape reality and jot down memories of my little Man as i watch him grow each in everyday i think in the long haul he will thank me..I can give him something i never got. i wish i remember my childhood i dont think my mom wrote down anything when i was this will be good.

Well i guess i better RECAP the first 6 months of Michaels life oh boy oh boy has it been a blast watch this little guy grow..i didnt think time would fly so fast but it sure has.
Michael : born May 5th 2009 (cinco de mayo baby) at sarasota memorial hospital weighing in at 9lbs 12oz. and 22 inches long
oh you sure were precious none the less you were extremely mad that you had to FINALLY come out if it was up to you i bet you'd still be in there you came out with more hair then i have on my head but you sure were perfect..everyone was so excited to meet you especially your MiMi. You were such a strong boy in you first days of life trying to hold your little head up.
I couldnt wait to take you home... you didnt fit into any of the Newborn clothes i had brought to the hospital Aunt Alicia had to go out and buy something you could fit in.
1month: you were already lifting your head up with no struggle at all you were so strong
2months:growing like a weed weighing 17lbs already whooper picked up the name sweet cheeks
3months: you could roll over from your back to your stomach pretty impressive.
4 months: you have already double your birth weight weighing 23 lbs rolling over and over and over to get anywhere you could, started eating solid love food, such a smiley happy boy.
5 months: you started to sit up (supported) but still you were getting so good at everything and so fast. You love to give hugs and kisses and pull hair
6 months: you began to crawl well more like High crawl that snipers do also you like to sit up and play...started to munch down on other food than baby food like ceral,berries,mashed potatoes, anything you could put in your mouth you got your first tooth on Demember 1st 09 YAY..
Michael James Bellofatto: Mommy loves you more than anything in this universe it was unconditional love at first site you came into my life a such a perfect time i couldnt of been blssed with a better boy..i love you!

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