Sunday, December 6, 2009

7 months

well Michael turned 7 months old on the 5th and i can tell he is going to be a challenge he is very strong willed..its been a week now and putting Michael down for naps gets harder and harder he will just lay in there and cry for 3+ hours at night he sleeps perfect i don't get it..just stick with his routine i guess..He is starting to get into things when he is on the floor crawling he likes to pull himself up on the coffee table and get magazines and rip them apart..he likes to chew/ suck on cords.. it is defiantly time to baby proof the house...he gets more and more independent everyday,he is such a smiley happy baby he laughs about everything these day and ohh is he sooo ticklish he loves to play.I wish he would just stay at this fun age for awhile..why do they have to grow up so fast?..i got him this jumperoo thing and some days i swear he is going to jump right on out of it he jumps so hard and so high its the funniest thing i love watching him play in it. Michael has this weird fascination with the mickey mouse clubhouse and he will watch it all day long he really likes the mickey guy well its the beginning on a new month for Michael lets see what he accomplishes this month i cant wait to see!!

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